• Lisa
  • Nicole is not only my sister, she is my inspiration and I am so proud of what she has achieved with NB Fitness so far. Not only has she gave me the kick up the bum I needed to get my health and fitness in check but she gives me the confidence I need to be the best I can be as she believes in me as she does all of her clients.

    I haven’t always loved exercise and eating healthy, but with my sis teaching me the benefits of it, both my physical and mental health are the best they have ever been.

    I now don’t think of exercise as a chore but a way of life, and I look forward to my sessions especially the ones with my sis. I may still be a bit scared of what she has in store for me but there is not better feeling than pushing yourself and knowing your are capable of anything if you put your mind to it.

    Thank you sis for showing me I can be a confident, independent, fit and healthy woman. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without your love and support.

    Get ready, NB Fitness is going WORLDWIDE!!!

  • James
  • I have been using Nicole at NB Fitness for around two months now under a one on one bespoke personal training programme.  In this time I have achieved huge improvements in strength and fitness which have been reflected in recent endurance events that I have been involved in.

    The training programmes she offers vary on every session, with concentration on what goals you want to achieve as an individual.

    Added to that you will be given dietary advice on food products,  how to understand nutritional value tables and the importance of healthy eating.

  • Gillian
  • I started training with Nicole in a bid to lose fat and generally tone up. What I achieved with Nicole’s help was far more than this!

    Using kettle bells and various other equipment my overall strength and fitness improved so much in a short space of time and training outside is great. Each workout is tailored to you, so you can achieve exactly what you want. I have learnt so much from Nicole, she is willing to share her expert knowledge and answer any questions you come up with. Her tips on nutrition are excellent and her dedication is clear. Nicole is energetic, fun, committed and inspirational…and I can’t recommend her enough!

  • Stewart
  • I have just started training with Nicole at NB Fitness. I’ve asked her to help me get more strength in my legs as I am a Thai boxer and having strong legs is very important because we kick a lot. Nicole has had me running up sets of stairs, doing 100 metre sprints, squats and lunges. My lunges were terrible at first but with a few pointers from Nicole they are so much better. I have only been training with Nicole for a few weeks and I can all ready feel my legs getting stronger and even other people have noticed this. So thank you Nicole and keep up the good work.

  • Chantelle
  • Nicole at NB Fitness is a great personal trainer and nutritionist! I had no level of fitness when I started with her and was very much overweight! Nicole helped me with a fantastic eating plan and workout regime. I lost weight, toned up & got fit. I had 2 personal training sessions per week. Not one of these sessions where the same, that really suited me as we mixed it up working indoors and outside! If you’re looking for someone to help you change your lifestyle I would highly recommend Nicole! She also has brilliant banter!!

  • Danielle
  • I started training with Nicole in January after slobbering over her Instagram pics. Her meals looked so appetizing and her body… to die for! I didn’t want to lose weight as such, mostly just to tone and get fit and healthy. At first I thought I’d be a bit embarrassed at how unfit I actually was and how little I could physically do but after my first training session that couldn’t be further from what I had imagined. Nicole made me feel so comfortable and tested my fitness by pushing me and making me realise I could actually do more than what I told myself I could.

    Each week I could feel the small changes I was making to my physical fitness and noticing that I was able to do that bit more or lift that wee bit heavier. I remember struggling when I first started only being able to lift 4kg weights (baby weights) to a few weeks later being able to do dumbbell burpees with bicep curls using 7kgs on each arm.

    My arms started taking shape and my fitness levels just kept getting better. Nicole became more of a friend than a personal trainer and for someone who used to hate exercise I enjoyed meeting her every Friday.

    You feel amazing after a training session with Nicole, nothing is too much trouble and she is always at the other end of the phone when you needed some nutritional advice.

  • Emma
  • I started Saturday morning Bootcamp training with NB Fitness in January 2015 after my sister’s recommended Nicole. I can honestly say it has been the best thing I have every done! I was overweight and very unfit. Nicole is an amazing trainer, very knowledgeable, offers fantastic encouragement and makes you feel very welcome. Alongside the brilliant training sessions, Nicole actively encourages positive lifestyle changes through the NB Fitness Social Media; (Making better food choices, Information on the correct way to fuel your body, Daily inspirational recipes/ tips/images and quotes) she is truly an inspiration. I enjoyed Bootcamp so much, that I started to attend Nicole’s NB Fitness mid-week evening sessions too. Six months on, I feel fitter, stronger and I am really getting into shape. I have dropped 2 dress sizes! My confidence and self-esteem have been lifted and I always look forward to going to class. I would highly recommend NB fitness to anyone.

  • Michele
  • Nicole is absolutely fantastic; she’s helped me in every way. I’ve lost weight, toned-up and my asthma has improved beyond belief. I wouldn’t be without her – best we trainer out there.

  • Stephanie
  • I started training with Nicole January 2014. I had previously heard great things about Nicole from others so that’s why I chose Nicole as my personal trainer. Before I started with Nicole my eating was awful, takeaway food, sweets and just total junk food. My fitness levels also weren’t the greatest – I had only attended a few metafit classes around once a week.

    I was nervous about letting people know my weight etc. but the first time I met Nicole at my consultation I felt really comfortable – like I had known her for years! I explained to Nicole my aim was to tone up all areas and look leaner, and that’s exactly where I am at now! Nicole explained to me all of the different types of exercise and eating regime I needed to do to what I had aimed for, she really does love to help others feel good about themselves! After only 8 weeks at twice a week of training with Nicole and listening to all her advice, the results were great.

    The workouts were tough, hard work, challenging physically and mentally but fun and enjoyable and not one of our workouts were ever the same – which was great, as you never knew what to expect! We did lots of different training including kettle bells, weight training, body weight training, cardio, HiiT sessions, x-bar toning sessions and since I met Nicole and started my training with her my self confidence and self esteem has really got so much better.  Any time I need advise with anything at all to do with my training or diet Nicole is always there to help me the whole way… my results have just got better each time and everyone has noticed – a huge boost to my confidence – thanks Nicole!

    My lifestyle has totally changed in just over 18 months and I am really pleased, my eating is improved, I have so much more energy and a different attitude towards life. Nicole takes no nonsense – it’s all about her helping you get the results that you want by helping you every step of the way.

    I would recommend anyone to contact Nicole if they want to use a personal trainer, she is fun, outgoing and passionate about fitness and health, and she’s everyone’s kind of girl.

  • Susannah
  • Nicole makes fitness fun, exciting and rewarding. I crave sessions now and look forward to my weigh and measure sessions to see my constant improvement. In the 6mths we have worked together I’ve lost weight, gained muscle, lost inches and gained HEALTH. She’s just awesome!!!

  • Nicola
  • I started Nicole’s classes two years ago. At this time I was 12 stones in weight and was very unhappy with body shape. My initial goal was to loose two stones and become fitter however was unsure where to start and going into the gym was daunting.

    I was advised by a friend to attend one of Nicole’s classes two years ago and I still attend today. I found Nicole’s friendly and motivating approach made me feel comfortable and confident enough to begin my journey to living a healthy lifestyle. I attended Nicole’s classes three times a week and quickly attained my goal of loosing two stones and becoming fitter. I also benefited so much more than I imagined. For example, I not only loser weight by body shape changed and I began to have the body I always wanted, this was the first time I ever looked in the mirror and thought I love my body. Also due to the high intensity workouts with Nicole my stamina and fitness level is the best it’s ever been in my life I can run miles, climb mountains, cycle up hills and participate in any fitness. Furthermore my strength has developed immensely since attending Nicole’s classes, for instance I can do press ups, can do pull ups lifting my whole body weight easily, I feel strong and I love it. My body feels and looks toned and I have muscles and these results along with Nicole’s motivating approach has given me the motivation to continue and maintain my fitness.

    I have like a lot of other people I know not been perfect and have at times not attended as many classes as I would like and have had many nights out eating all the food I should not but love. I have also had many takeaways which I am not advocating for a healthy lifestyle. However I share my experience because no one is perfect and you don’t need to be just keep trying as although I have not been perfect attending Nicole’s classes and staying on contact with her has helped me keep going back and staying fit and this motivates me to do better all the time.

    Further I also feel motivated by the level of Nicole’s own fitness and I am confident on the fact that Nicole practices what she teaches. Nicole also shares her tasty healthy eating tips which is fundamental for living a healthy lifestyle. This encouraged me to eat better and the food tastes amazing. Nicole also fully involves everyone in anything else she has going on like hill walks weekend bootcamps and fun runs which is a fantastic way of getting fit and making new friends.

    I would encourage anyone to attend Nicole’s classes and/or her personal training session  no matter what your level of fitness is. If you are a complete beginner or an athlete you will benefit from Nicole’s PT sessions and/or classes.

  • Claire
  • I started training with Nicole a few months ago as I was fed up with the same workouts and needed a new challenge and some guidance with lifting weights also had a holiday coming up and thought there was no better time to start with Nicole. Can’t praise her anymore she is a fantastic trainer that always pushes you to the maximum and her knowledge on fitness and nutrition is brilliant….she is also a lovely person and cares about her clients which can’t be said for all trainers so this is why I choose to train with Nicole over anyone else. Anyone looking for results should contact her and she will get you on the right track and get you the results you are looking for.


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