Introduction to Nutrition

The world today is becoming more and more aware of the importance to live a healthy lifestyle!
In order to be healthy the body requires a ‘healthy balanced diet’.
HEALTHY EATING is eating fresh foods packed with the nutrients our bodies require!
BALANCED meaning that foods of all different types are needed to ensure the body functions sufficiently!
The word DIET has a horrible reputation in connection with restriction, cutting back and deprivation of food. Whereas DIET is our current food intake and habits whether they be good or bad!!


A healthy balanced diet also requires adequate water intake (at least 2 litres daily) alongside food.
There are 5 nutrient groups which are divided into Macro-nutrients and Micro-nutrients..

Macro-nutrients: (needed in greater amounts)
Carbohydrates – The primary function of carbohydrates is to provide energy for the body and brain.
Proteins – Has many functions within the body, vital in muscle repair and growth.
Fats – Protection of internal organs and also another energy source.

Vitamins – Required for normal growth and metabolism.
Minerals – Enable our bodies to function correctly on a daily basis.

Our bodies also need Fibre which is vital for a healthy body and essential to keep our digestive systems in working order!


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